MCVALNERA has carried out several strategy-related projects, studies and plans, thus it is one of the areas in which the company has the most experience. Our aim is to ensure our clients understand and know their positioning in the market as well as determine which actions will allow them to improve their situation in relation to their competitors.  In order to do this, we evaluate, analyze and diagnose the company’s potential, seeking the betterment of its operational efficiency and productivity.

The clients for which we have completed or collaborated in the preparation of these strategy-related projects include public administrations, institutions and private companies from diverse sectors. By means of our assistance, we create strategic value for our client through our commitment, our offer of a service tailored to his needs and a style of working that is characterized by approachability and rapid-response when faced with problems that develop. Among the services offered are:

  • Strategic diagnoses
  • Strategic planning and management
  • Strategy Plans
  • Action Plans
  • etc..