Regional and Municipal Authorities

Projects carried out for Public Administrations is one of the areas MCVALNERA and our subsidiary, ACADAR , have been involved in over the past years. The autonomous communities have been managing minor ports, in which the fishing and recreational boating sectors are of great importance. Likewise, the port/city interaction is of great consequence, particularly in cases where the population centres and the port merge into a single urban unit faced with the complexity of managing port operations in a manner which satisfies port interests and is not detrimental to the population. 

Through ACADAR, we have worked for local entities in projects regarding land infrastructure and facilities, such as the conditioning of urban spaces and strategic studies for the optimization of land usage, among others, with a particular focus on environmental and tourism aspects.

The services offered by MCVALNERA and ACADAR include:

  • Strategic plans for the ports under the jurisdiction of the autonomous communities
  • Improvements in port management
  • Improvements in the management of fishing and recreational boating complimentary services
  • Port services
  • Port planning: Master Plans and Delimitation of Port Uses
  • Improvement in the environmental management
  • Technical projects regarding port infrastructure
  • Technical projects regarding roadways, urban facilities and services
  • Strategic studies for regional and local administrations in order to increase the value of their resources