Ports and port terminals

Macario Fernández-Alonso, managing director of MCVALNERA, possesses over thirty years of experience in port and port terminal management, having acted as Director of several Port Authorities, Director of Operations at Spanish Ports Authority (Puertos del Estado), Director of Ports and Terminals in private companies and Chairman of the Port Authority of La Coruña.

Since its start, MCVALNERA has completed numerous projects for Port Authorities, Terminals, Port Operators, etc. The projects covered nearly all aspects of port management, operations, administration and planning:

  • Drafting and coordination of Master Plans
  • Development of Strategic Plans
  • Formulation and coordination of Environmental Sustainability Reports
  • Drafting of the documents pertaining to the Delimitation of Port Areas and Uses
  • Feasibility and viability studies of routes and port businesses
  • Drafting of port services technical specification documents
  • Calculation of the maximum port services rates
  • Studies on the cost chains for port traffics
  • Analysis of port concessions
  • Analysis of the costs of port operations and risk analysis of assets and dues stemming from port operations