Port Services

The influence of port services in the port system has grown considerably in recent years, being among the key factors in determining a port’s degree of competitiveness.

The specific weight of port services in the costs incurred by a cargo’ s passing through the ports can become a decisive element considered in the selection of a vessel’s ports of call.

MCVALNERA has collaborated with Port Authorities, Puertos del Estado and private companies regarding projects and studies on port services.

The methodology employed by MCVALNERA in certain projects in the field have set a new standard, serving to set the basis for later studies. 

The projects and studies were composed of the following actions, among others:

  • Analysis of the influence of the port services (pilotage, mooring, towage, stowage, Marpol and passenger services) in the passage of cargo through a port or terminal
  • Definition of the maximum rates for the port services
  • Drafting of the technical specification documents for the port services
  • Analysis of the port services market