Port Management, Concessions and Licences

Ports are closely related to the national economy, from the perspective of wealth and employment generation and as indicators of the international trade of goods; They are considered a strategic asset to a country. Their commercial promotion and diversification are vital, in order to activate their presence in the market, actions which are both carried out by the managerial bodies. MCVALNERA’s activities consist of analyzing and guiding Port Administrations on which functions will allow them to amplify the sphere of action of their managerial bodies, thus allowing them to increase their productivity. Our aim is to assist ports in improving the quality and efficiency of the services provided, while reducing costs and satisfying their clients.

Among the projects completed in recent years focused on improving port management are: feasibility studies of new markets; the establishment of new trade routes; the planning of short, medium and long term actions; and the advisement regarding the offer of port services, together with their economic and financial assessments.