Maritime Transport

The transport of cargo or passengers is a commercial port’s reason of existence.  As a consulting firm specialized in the port sector, a large part of MCVALNERA’s projects are focused on the improvement of operational or economic conditions of maritime transport services. Several of the projects carried out were geared towards the creation of new routes for the transport of goods or the preliminary studies required prior to their deployment. Other projects were focused on the definition of the optimal supply chain, which includes the options for land transport as well as the analysis of maritime vessels or freight costs,  among others. Spanish ports and private operators, both national and foreign, have chosen our team to carry out projects similar to those mentioned above.

Another area in which MCVALNERA offers solutions is in the analysis of the current situation of on-going services and identifying the strategies that would allow for an increase in profit. Regarding the administrative management of maritime transport, MCVALNERA collaborated with several Spanish ports in the drafting of the technical specification documents pertaining to port services, such as passage or stowage, and the acquisition of machinery and facilities to improve loading and unloading operations.