Environmental Management

MCVALNERA has worked with various public administrations with competences regarding environmental matters, such as: Port Authorities, Directorate General of Coast and Sea Sustainability (MAGRAMA, according to its Spanish abbreviation), public enterprises related to the environment, etc…

Among the services offered in this market are:

  • Port management and the management of environmental condition in port operations
  • Studies on MARPOL Services in ports
  • Strategic management and environmental processing in Master Plans
  • Studies on LNG facilities in ports as Maritime Transport fuel
  • The effects of climate change on port infrastructure
  • Industrial Plans for urban waste treatment plants for energy recovery
  • Social impact analysis

In addition to their knowledge and experience, the MCVALNERA team’s work ethic is one of the company’s core values, for a field whose importance has increased considerably over the course of recent years due to the various European, national and regional policies and directives.

MCVALNERA collaborates with the IH of the University of Cantabria in projects regarding port operations and receives its support in certain projects regarding environmental processing in port planning.