Energy and Renewables

Energy policies and strategies, at all level of implementation, are geared towards the optimization of the production and consumption of energy. Furthermore, Renewable Energies are increasingly important aspect of these strategies given the rising social consciousness of their importance.

MCVALNERA offers a variety of services pertaining to the energy sector, renewable energies and the environment, aiming to answer our clients’ needs by designing quality solutions tailored to the client’s particular needs. In order to carry out our tasks it is imperative that we know how our client acquires energy, how it is consumed in their processes, its impact on our client’s costs and how to optimize its benefits. We also help our clients to comprehend their competitive position in comparison to similar companies in their sector and analyse the feasibility of their entrance in a market. Recently, MCVALNERA has been specializing itself in the advisement on the design and implementation of new vessel fuel supply facilities.