Cruise & Ferry Industries

At MCVALNERA, we have performed several studies and projects regarding the maritime transport of passengers, both in the cruise and ferry sectors. Passenger traffic has become one the port sector business areas with the most growth. Nevertheless, it is a traffic with a series of characteristics that require a special treatment as compared with other traffics: cohabitability with heavy traffics, complementarity with freight traffic, seasonality of the market, the regional and territorial influence, the importance of the port/city relations, the influence of tourism, the competition of air transport, specific infrastructure, etc…

Macario Fernández Alonso, managing director of MCVALNERA, has obtained ample experience in this sector, both from the perspective of the port authorities as well as private operators. His career path includes Director of Ports in one of the Spanish shipping companies with the greatest share of passenger traffic.

Over the past years, MCVALNERA’s team has produced studies and reports in this sector that have allowed them to acquire knowledge of this sector and identify its needs. The scope of the projects have included the most fundamental aspects of passenger traffic:

  • Analysis of the creation of new routes
  • General and business-unit strategies
  • Evaluation of concessions associated with passenger traffic
  • Analysis of port fees and bonuses linked to passenger traffic
  • Preliminary studies and feasibility studies of maritime terminals