Strategy, planning, operations and project management consultancy in the Port, Transportation and Logistics sectors.

MCVALNERA, a company established in 2009, finds itself in a constant growth of clients and resources, enriched by actively collaborating with both the private and public sector. The company values focus on the effort and drive of a young, well-prepared team, complimented by the experience of a team leader which spans more than 30 years in the port, maritime and logistics industries. Our main objective lies in aiding our clients to achieve their project’s goals successfully.

Simultaneous to the founding of MCVALNERA, ACADAR, a consulting firm specializing in architecture and engineering, was established with the aim of focusing on the technical aspects of engineering projects.

MCVALNERA was launched to embark on a course that shares its experience and know-how with its clients and creates a team of professionals that develop values such as the endeavour to learn, to tend to the clients’ needs and offer solutions. I firmly believe that we are accomplishing these aims.

Macario  Fernández Alonso Trueba